AltiPower Frequently Asked Questions. Simulated altitude training.

Q: I am ordering online, how long will the shipment take?
A: In 95% cases the orders is received in 5-7 days after payment and we can use express mail service for faster delivery.

Q: Will I need to order additional items to make the AltiPower Pro Kit operational?
A: No. Everything is supplied for a 3-4 week full course of IHT in the Pro Kit, with no hidden extras.

Q: For ongoing use of the AltiPower, what do I need to order?
A: For a 3-4 week training course, you would need 2 cartridges. After the training course they need to be replaced. We offer a budget pack of 4 cartridges. (4 cartridges at the cost of 3!)

Q: How high in altitude can I go with AltiPower?
A: For the majority of people using this hypoxicator simulated altitude can be as high as 6,500m (20,000ft). It is important to use pulse oximeter when aiming extreme altitudes that provides essential biofeedback and proper control over hypoxia challenge. Note that as the cartridge approaches the end of its useful life, the maximum simulated altitude will reduce.

Q: How often should I change the breathing bag?
A: It is recommended to change the breathing bag before each use of the AltiPower for hygienic purposes, however in a clean environment you may re-use them several times.

Q: How does the AltiPower compare to other hand-held hypoxicators for example, rebreathers?
A: AltiPower was developed by a professional Biomedical Engineer with a 20-year expertise in the field. Our company has worked to eliminate all previously known issues and drawbacks of the rebreather - hypoxicators. Rebreathers were developed in the 20th-century. (i.e. very hot air, high resistance to breathe through, excessive CO2, etc). The AltiPower, however, is the most advanced and user friendly individual hypoxicator on the market.

Q: What would be the ongoing or operational costs?
A: 2 cartridges are required for a full 3-4 week training course. Depending on your application you may choose to do 2-3 training courses per year or simply use the AltiPower before an important event.

Q: Can two/three people use the hypoxicator device?
A: For hygienic reasons and to avoid possible cross - infection, the training manual recommends individual use of the device. In a close family, when the cross infection is inevitable (for example husband and wife) you may elect sharing the AltiPower at your own risk.

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