GO2Altitude Hypoxicator for simulated altitude training.

I purchased the stand alone Portable Go2Altitude Model 9500 Hypoxicator in 2004. I've used it off and on since then but in training to climb Kilimanjaro in Feb. 2006 used it extensively. Cycles included 20" hypoxic air and 2" ambient air for two hour periods at 10% or approximately the equivalent of 6,000 meters.

Before purchasing the hypoxicator I attempted Kili in Feb. 2000 and again in Feb. 2001 and then Mt. Everest Base Camp in October 2002, but succumbed to HAPE each time. On Kili in 2000 it began at 12,500 feet Shira Plateau in the middle of the night. In 2001 I made it to Barafu Camp at around 15,800 feet and had to go down with similar symptoms. In October 2003 I left Mt. Everest Base Camp (Gorak Shep) and had to be taken down to Kathmandu. On the way I rode a Tibetan Horse down to Pangbochet and then a helicopter down to Kathmandu. On these trips my %SpO2 was in low 70's and falling without oxygen in place.

Feb. 2006 - After using the Go2Altitude as described (and using Viagra in a small dose, 25 mg at lower levels and then 50gm x 3 daily at high camp) I reached the summit of Kilimanjaro. (19,340 feet) I never felt as though my SpO2 was in any danger of falling below 84% and I used a Nonin Onyx SpO2 blood oximeter to monitor the percentage.

For me the hypoxicator works. Thanks.
Steve Lombardi

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