AltiPower® for Altitude training

AltiPower® will help you to pre-acclimatize to high and extreme altitudes and significantly reduce incidence and severity of the Acute Mountain sickness (AMS)
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It is so easy and comfortable to use!
Lightweight (only 2 kg / 4 lb), affordable, user-friendly device: your best friend in prevention of mountain sickness.
Everything you need for a full  3 - 4 - week course of acclimatization training is included in the
AltiPower® Pro Kit
4-6 days a week, 45-90min training sessions before your departure is proven  to be a very efficient by many successful climbers.

It does not matter if you are a first-time or an experienced  climber:   AltiPower® will help you to adapt to low oxygen levels before you get to high altitude!

AltiPower fights AMS

As you ascend to higher altitudes the scenery becomes more and more breathtaking. In fact, what you can’t see is that the oxygen in the air you breathe is literally being taken away. This is a result of the 'thin air'  at high altitudes that causes Acute Mountain Sickness [AMS]. .
The higher the altitude the more severe the affects of this syndrome will be.


AltiPower was designed by world-leader in the development of hypoxia training equipment

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