About AltiPower®


AltiPower® is an innovative personal hypoxicator for simulated altitude training. A device that naturally enhances the performance and endurance of athletes and pre-acclimatises people travelling to altitude.


Multiple independent scientific have shown that the body′s ability to process oxygen can be significantly enhanced by regular, short-term exposures to reduced oxygen (hypoxic) air breathing.


Performance improvements of up to 4% in aerobic exercise have been reported in independently conducted studies. For athletes this provides a significant advantage over the competition. Climbing or trekking high altitude: Kilimanjaro, Nepal, Everest? Pre-acclimatization is the most efficient method of minimizing acute mountain syndrome (AMS). AltiPower® has been developed by the world leaders in the design of High Altitude training and simulation equipment.




This product was discontinued due to COVID - 19.




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