How Altipower® Works

Normal air we breath in contains approximately 21% oxygen (by volume).

The air we exhale normally contains ¼ less oxygen compared to that inhaled, as well as moisture and carbon dioxide.

The AltiPower Personal Hypoxicator uses your own natural breathing process to produce reduced oxygen (hypoxic) air. Breathing via AltiPower, with its patented, semi-closed, respiratory circuit, gradually decreases the oxygen content of the breathing air to replicate the conditions of high altitude and with it, the benefits of alpine-like air. The user can control the simulated altitude by achieving the desired oxygen level in the inspired air or an appropriate level of arterial blood oxygen saturation measured with a finger clip pulse oximeter.

The AltiPower cartridge removes carbon dioxide from the rebreathed air and the two cartridges supplied in the AltiPower kit provide for one full Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) course. The unique design of the AltiPower also traps moisture from the air you exhale to help ensure that the training is pleasant and relaxing.


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