Does the system have fail-safes against dangerously low levels of oxygen?

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AltiPower® is equipped with a patented system to prevent the production of dangerously low oxygen air. When the device is used as intended it can not produce air with less than 7%-8% oxygen. In addition, the mask is hand held and can be removed at any time if unpleasant sensations are experienced. In the worst case scenario of the user fainting, the mask would come away from the face and allow ambient air to be breathed. DO NOT STRAP ON THE MASK.

The pulse oximeter will allow you to monitor your individual reaction to hypoxic air breathing by providing a reading of the level of arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). This allows for accurate control of your training session.

Session duration is between 60 min (for the majority of people) and up to 120min (for extreme sports). Each session consists of alternating hypoxic (mask) breathing with breaks of ambient air breathing.

A training course normally comprises of 15 – 20 sessions over a 3-4 week period. After that you can continue your IHT in maintenance mode OR repeat full courses 3-4 times per years, depending on your objectives.

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